Code of Ethics

Think of yourself, think of everything!

Good planning
  • Take the time to plan the distances you’ll be walking and to reserve accommodations ahead of time. Use the tools provided in our website.
  • Prepare yourself physically. Know your limits and respect them.
  • Be prepared for bad weather and emergencies.
  • Bring sufficient quantities of food and water.
  • If walking solo, it is wise to carry a cell phone.
Respect private property
  • Stay on the marked route.
  • Appreciate historical and cultural objects with your eyes. Don’t touch them.
  • Read all rules and regulations and respect them (e.g., not all lodgings accept dogs).
Respect nature
  • Observe wildlife from a distance.
  • Avoid picking flowers and plants.
  • Don’t leave any traces of your passage. Pick up your garbage and take it with you.
  • If you must answer a call of nature outdoors, use accepted practices.
Respect road safety rules
  • Be visible. Avoid walking at dusk and after dark.
  • If walking in a group, walk one behind the other.
  • Walk on the side of the road where shoulder is widest and visibility maximal.