IMPORTANT : Before registering, please read about what exactly is an independent-style long distance walking tour, as well as our Liability Waiver clause.
To maintain harmony for all the actors of the Circuit, please read and apply our Code of Ethics .

When you register to enter the Circuit, you receive your Pilgrim’s Kit by mail. This kit will have the documentation mainly in French but will be easily used. It contains: 

  • A paper map of the Circuit;
  • Your stamp passport – to keep a tangible memory of your experience;
  • A parking ticket that allows you to leave your car at the Saint-Benoît-du-Lac Abbey for free;
  • A medallion identifying you as a Circuit de l’Abbaye Pilgrim;
  • The Memphremagog region official tourist guide * Note that only this document will have an English version*
  • A directory of all accommodations on the Circuit, up to date for the current season;
  • A sticker proclaiming that you have walked the Circuit de l’Abbaye – to be proudly displayed!

Your registration is valid for one year, leaving you with all the flexibility you need to plan your journey. Lodging costs vary between $40 and $200 per night, depending on the experience you are seeking.

The $40 non-refundable registration fee is your contribution to this long-distance walk project. It allows us to secure the long-term success of the Circuit, to pay for some of the costs associated with the tools offered, and to have a picture of our clientele. Whereas you are walking solo or with a group, we ask you register.

Please allow 10 days (or more for international destinations) to receive your Pilgrim’s Kit by mail. Use that time to prepare adequately physically and logistically. 

Registration form

IMPORTANT : After your registration is complete, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. Your will receive a confirmation email as well.  Once you click « SEND », make sure you get that confirmation page, otherwise something went wrong and we will not receive your registration informations. Go back to your form and make sure there are no incomplete or invalid entries.  

Note: Your personal data is strictly confidential. Some of it will help us get very valuable statistics. Thank you.

Payment : If you cannot pay by credit card, please contact us by email so that we can find a solution that works for you :