Release from liability clause

By using the Circuit de l’Abbaye, you are aware that there are risks and dangers associated with a walking pilgrimage. You must accept that you are solely responsible for any damages, loss or theft that you incur, or cause another party to incur. You waive the right to file any claim against Action Memphré-Ouest, its board of directors, representatives, volunteers and the private landowners, and release them from any and all responsibilities.

You are also responsible for planning and reserving all your accommodations and services; we cannot be held responsible if you do not find a place to stay for the night. Nor are we responsible for the quality of your experiences with accommodations and services providers. We provide on our website a list of the businesses located along the Circuit de l’Abbaye; however, we are not linked to any of these businesses. Do use sites such as Tripadvisor to assess them before making your selections.

Upon registering yourself to the Circuit de l’Abbaye, you will be asked to abide by this release from liablity clause.

You will find below a list of the risks associated with this activity.

Weather-related risks

Discomforts caused by the sun (sunburns, heat strokes, dehydration), discomforts caused by the cold (hypothermia, frostbite), lighting, precipitations (rain, sleet), darkness.

Environmental risks

Insect stings and bites (bees, wasps, mosquitoes, deerflies, tics, etc.), slashes caused by broken glass bottles (vandalism), sharing the road with motor vehicles and cyclists, poison-ivy, encounters with wild animals.

Activity-related risks

Fall caused by a misstep, head injury caused by a fall, injury caused by a blow (bruise), pulled muscle, sprain, fracture, medical complication brought on by stress or fear, chronic shortness of breath, muscular weakness (physical insufficiency preventing you to complete the Circuit), scraped hands, scraped knees, blisters, foot injury caused by rubbing, getting lost, injury caused by gear (backpack, walking stick), injury caused by the use of camping/survival gear (camp stove, ax, etc.).